Löffelholz Kodex

I don’t want to give the hug of death to a tiny university webserver in Poland so I’m hosting a download link here.

It’s full of wonderful images that I didn’t have time to share. Please take a look!

If you can read the script in these images I’d love to talk to you. Please use the Contact link at the top of the page.


  1. Falk Syberg

    Hi, I’m the one who commented on the Wolfsangel and I had problems with my mobile browser. So, I write you another message, for good measures. Ignore if you already received the the first messages.


  2. Lee

    This is amazing, thank you for sharing!

  3. Joe

    Were you able to get translations?

    1. Tommy

      Yeah! we need those translations !

  4. Nick

    Ok. Just watched the Video about the origin and history of the first screws.
    I might try to translate some of the Löffelholz Kodex, though I cannot giarantee anything for now.


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