1930s Auto manufactoring

If you can get past the poor title, irrelevant thumbnail and soundtrack that will numb your ears after a while, a wonderful look into auto manufacturing in the 1930s.  An impressive survey of the many skills and processes involved. You’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere such beautiful shots of asbestos dust or men putting their arms or entire bodies inbetween rapidly moving heavy machinery.


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  1. Andrew Cady

    That’s not the real title (it’s “Master Hands”), and the version you linked has cut out the credits at the end, as well as the credit added for preservation at the beginning. Very poor form (on their part, I mean).

    Here is a link to a version that preserves proper attribution:


    This was produced by Chevrolet in 1936. The digital was made from film preserved at the Prelinger Archives in San Francisco (as indicated in the video linked above).


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