How to Measure to a MILLIONTH of an Inch (The Dawn of Precision) (feat. Machine Thinking)

I’m super pleased to have partnered with Destin of Smarter Every Day to contribute to a video on one of my industrial heros, Sir Joseph Whitworth.  In this video Destin has some amazing footage of Whitworth cannons being fired through the unique polygonal bore.



  1. anon123

    hi Will, I’m searching for your github repo you mentioned in the video. would appreciate if you could share the link to repo. Thanks

  2. Thomas Ewing

    I am a precision nerd and I am so pleased I found this video! Starret, Johansson, and Whitworth are familiar to me, but the breadth of info in this one presentation lumps years of knowledge into one place and it’s so refreshing! I knew a millionth of an inch was optically seeable, but I never knew it was mechanically measurable! Thanks so much!


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