Discord Launched!

It’s been a long path to get here but finally (with the help of others!) I have launched a Discord Server. You can connect here:


This will be very useful for upcoming projects where we need to coordinate. Also, there are numerous community channels for like-minded people. You’ll hear a lot more about this in the next couple of videos!

The INSANE Precision of NIST

After a long absence, I’m extremely happy to release this video. After the birth of my daughter there was a huge crunch on my time adjusting to my new role which left very little time for this passion of mine. I’m happy to say I’ve been able to find some people to help me but also now that she’s a little older my time is starting to open up again little by little.

More to come!!

The Hidden Screws of Precision (and why the delay in new videos)

This is one of those videos that I’ve wanted to make for a long time but felt that I had to build upon the ones that came before it first. Usually screws are thought of just as fasteners, but what about their role in precision? Without the screw as an easy way to magnify movement so careful measurement could be taken precision would be far harder and more expensive to come by. It’s one of the most important uses of screws, but one that almost no one talks about.

For me this video represents something even more important though. I was working on this as my wife was in the latter part of her pregnancy. I was rushing to get it done before we left for the hospital to be induced while also trying to keep the quality high. I just barely made it! I uploaded this video and hit ‘publish’ the day before we went into the hospital and, given all of the necessary prep, essentially at the last minute!

I knew if I waited even one day longer it wouldn’t be a day, but weeks or maybe even months before I would have free time (and sanity). The next day she gave birth to a beautiful daughter that has lit up our lives in ways we had not imagined possible.

This is our first child and in the 7 months since this was published I still feel like I haven’t fully recovered from the immense amount of time squeeze a child and full time job put on a couple, regardless of the joys a child brings.

I am working on new videos though and trying to find ways to make them faster. I just don’t have huge blocks of free time any more. This is still my passion though and I do little bits where I can to move the project forward.

Thanks for understanding and know that I’m still here 😀

The Screws of Disruption

This video is another alternate take on screws – the ones at the center of the early style printing presses that industrialized printing and completely reformatted our brains and the world. The screw was incredibly important to these early machines as they allowed the force of the printer to be multiplied enough to print an entire page at once. This reduced to seconds what used to take a scribe writing by hand most of a day. Vast increases in efficiency in any industry can be disruptive, but when it’s in mass communication the ripples of change are not ripples at all, but tsunami waves which are still crashing ashore today.

Patreon launched!

I love making the content for the YouTube channel but it takes a shocking amount of work to get these out the door. I’ve launched a Patreon to help offset hiring some people to work with me to do this faster. I’ve already found a Video Producer who is helping me structure these in a way to make them faster and easier to complete.

There are several reward levels with interesting additional content, but I will also occasionally post content that’s free for everyone to view so even if you don’t intend to sign up you still may catch something cool!

Also, the main channel content will always be freely available so no worries if you just want to enjoy that.

If you want to have a look, check out patreon.com/machinethinking