Dull Men’s Club


While I can’t say I can necessarily get interested in what some of these fellows are up to, it does speak to core ideas which I try to convey in my work – appreciation and gratitude.  So many of the technological wonders we encounter every day, even something as simple as flushing a toilet or endless glasses of clean water on tap, are truly amazing even though they are incredibly ordinary.  And that they are ordinary, dull if you will, is a wonderful thing itself.




  1. Michael Dowdell

    Great Job… Love your website and Youtube channel.

    As an industrial technology history afficionado, I find your content very interesting.

    Keep up the good work.!

    Is there a suggestion box for future content ideas?

    1. Will (Post author)

      send email via the contact page!

  2. philip jh

    wel right now i dont have a comment…but later i might…well comment


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