Expert Reviewers needed

As always, I’m working on the research on many different future videos. The fact checking is always a very slow part and easy to get wrong unless I find people with the right expertise to help. I have a researcher I’m working with for the heavy lifting, but if you have reasonable expert knowledge in any of the below fields I’d love to send you a review link when the video is partially done for your review and commentary. This will help ensure the videos are as accurate and fair as possible.

If you think you can help, please use the Contact link at the top of the page to get in touch with me. Please let me know your area of expertise and I’ll be in touch shortly.

Any of these subjects roughly 0 AD to the present. This list is not complete – anything similar please email.


Military history

Greco-Roman period

Arab scientific and engineering contributions


Capitalism (including historic Trade)

Religion, particularly Christianity through Vatican II



City history (primarily US and European, including Istanbul)

Engineering (especially Mechanical, but optics and others very welcome)


French Revolution




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  1. Steven Lang

    Dr Sir,
    I have scoured your site yo address you but you left no trace of your name?
    First, I think highly of your presentations so far. Watch a few and enjoy the journey you are presenting. I am also very impressed with metrology and the comming of precision, material development, quality controls, and communications.
    I have read Moores book also and could never discriminate to those levels in my home shop, yet I strive to do so.
    I too would like to make a replica of the JW Micrometer.
    Do you have a scale drawing in pdf I can use from your study. I would like to make a smaller scale working model of the device.
    Again enjoy your work and looking forward to more of your journey.
    Steven Lang
    Columbus Michigan


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