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Dull Men’s Club


While I can’t say I can necessarily get interested in what some of these fellows are up to, it does speak to core ideas which I try to convey in my work – appreciation and gratitude.  So many of the technological wonders we encounter every day, even something as simple as flushing a toilet or endless glasses of clean water on tap, are truly amazing even though they are incredibly ordinary.  And that they are ordinary, dull if you will, is a wonderful thing itself.



Screws, Damned Screws and Worm Gears


The title is a play on the old adage, “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”. I was frustrated as I was racing against the clock before I packed up my shop and moved away for a year.  When the last sequence ended in a failure I had no choice but to include it in the final video. In a way, I think it makes it stronger as too often I think mistakes are covered up.  But literally a minute after the last frame of video I started mothballing the entire shop. It was a bittersweet moment for sure and made very concrete my imminent departure for 5500 miles away


The 1751 Machine that Made Everything


In this video I look at what I consider to be the world’s first modern lathe – Vaucanson’s 1751 all metal lathe.

If you want any of the historical photos I’m happy to share. They are all from the Library of Congress with edits to make them more attractive.